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Thoughts from the North
a look at the world from a different angle, by Salamander

Mass Regulation, Roundabouts - The Descent of Man

Man has to have security. Unfortunately, in his thirst for this elusive ichor, he has become confused; an easy division between the psychological and material has occurred. Ouroborous rules our lives as we chase increasingly greater and greater material wealth - but remain empty. Do we seek someone outside ourselves for what we lack? Do we find in God, a father figure, a Freud to project our wishes and hopes of fulfilment? Or do we just blame the government?

If we could see the world or the theories about it as a progression of hypotheses, we may well come to see God as a replacement for ancestral worship. God become government through the church and its enlightened leadership - we now have democracy and the illusion of the vote; the chimera of participation to lead us; the whimsy that we lead ourselves through this organisation. We are still in thrall to our insecurities and weaknesses - these things came into being through our projection of ourselves into these entities; hence, they control us. As things stand today, we are participating in a culture which encourages greater dependency resulting in greater - necessary - conformity (and the resultant persecution of those not called Norm[al]). Participation is perpetuation.

Mass regulation and the perpetuation of roundabouts are increasing the dependency culture of the people. This is surely encouraging the state to act as a father figure to encourage the individual to give up his freedoms, ie doubts to another. This increases the regulation of our lives – roundabouts, white lines and concrete bollards are clearly representative of this.

Society will not cease to function as man is deprived of his humanity by a co-dependant culture - akin to therapist projection whereby the therapist becomes god/father/dominant - the government becomes such; only the values purported will change. Progress, facilitation, newspeak will become increasingly popular. Entertainment will become nothing more than a Big Mac with laughter tracks and a couple of sound bites. The continuation of the organisation, as man projects his needs onto it, ie the government etc, is becoming more important than the individual, to the detriment of the personality and, by proxy, humanity.

The question is: "how do we change?" Or is it: "who gives a fig?"

Through introspection, as we take responsibilities for ourselves and understand our insecurities, it is possible to change (especially the misunderstanding that there is such a thing as psychological security … there isn’t). We didn't change the world - we just changed ourselves.

The world can't be tied down to regulations or possessions. Everything dies, breaks or is lost - there is no security on this earth; trying to find it and make a certainty of uncertainty is akin to madness. No matter how many roundabouts or white lines painted, there will always be death. You and your children will die. If you seek security in the form of possessions and encourage your children to do so, they may be dead already. Drive over them roundabouts, ignore them white lines - live a little!

On a happier note, I'm off for a little drink …



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