Latest iGaming News Stories 2022

If the lockdowns in the wake of Covid-19 meant anything, it’s that you can still have fun without leaving the house. Online gambling experienced rapid growth during the pandemic. Here are the latest stories from the gambling industry in 2022.

Brazil is Planning to Regulate The Sports Betting Industry

After many years, Brazil is finally doing an overhaul of legislation to permit online gambling and sports betting activities across the country. The country will offer licenses for esports and traditional betting. Licencing will be uncapped and cost around BLR 22.2 million ($4.4 million). Moreover, the Ministry of Economy in Brazil will regulate betting activities.

Gambling Becomes Legal After 10 Years in Kyrgyzstan

General gambling activities at casinos were abruptly banned by authorities in 2012, followed by sports betting in 2015. Now, more than a decade later, online gaming, casinos, and slots will be legal for tourists older than 21. Nevertheless, gambling will be exclusively for tourists to attract foreign investors and businesses.

Most Recent Global Growth Projections For iGaming

Analysts predict the iGaming industry to expand across the world in the coming years. The iGaming market alone was valued at more than $170 billion in 2022, and projections estimate that the figure will double by 2027. Furthermore, revenue is already greater than both the North American movie and sports industries combined.

Sports Betting and iGaming Interest Grows in Michigan

iGaming revenues exceeded $109.4 million from general casino gaming and raked in another $5 million from Internet sports betting. Online betting operators are expanding across the US in places like Michigan and California.

The global iGaming community is set to experience exponential growth in the coming years. As a result, there may be a bright future ahead for sports betting enthusiasts and iGaming operators. Respectable platforms such as BetTarget online give away free bets and cash-back rewards that make staying at home to play real money games worth it.