Top 5 Biggest News Broadcasting Services 2022

News media companies have had to compete with online news networks in recent years, and several media outlets had to adapt to the changing trends in the news media market. Here are the leading news broadcasting services as of June 2022.

1.      Comcast (CMCSA)

Comcast is the second-largest broadcasting company in the world in terms of revenue. Additionally, it holds the title of being the largest home Internet service provider in the US. The mega company has multiple subsidiaries such as CNBC, MSNBC, and Sky News. As it stands, Comcast is currently leading the way with an estimated net worth of $178.65 Billion.

2.      Thomson Reuters

Taking a sturdy second place, Thomson-Reuters (TRI) distributes media and news concerning financial markets. Thomson and Reuters News publications have a noteworthy reputation, and it is viewed as a credible source for investors and data analysts across the globe. Thomson Reuters currently has a market value of around $45.2 Billion.

3.      Warner Bros. Discovery

This media and entertainment giant distributes and creates content across film, television, and streaming. News outlets that fall under Warner Bros. Discovery include CNN News, CNN Global, and related outlets. The company currently sits with a market cap of around $45.2 Billion.

4.      Paramount Global

Paramount Global (PARA) is a mega media corporation that distributes and records content to viewers and listeners around the world. Credible and widely known news outlets owned by PARA include CBS News and its subsidiaries. As it stands, Paramount is worth around $22.1 Billion as of June 2022.

5.      Naspers

No list of mass media giants would be complete without the addition of Naspers. The multinational holding company owns Media24, and it collaborates with several international companies in China and Holland. It also holds sizable shares in the multi-billion-dollar company Tencent. Naspers’ estimated value currently sits at around $36.3 Billion in assets.

Public news media companies continue to have a huge influence on markets and audiences around the world. What’s more, the influx of online news networks, radio channels, and streaming services ensure that competition in the mass media sector remains tight.