Keen on starting your own Internet podcast or radio show? Follow these news channels and radio software providers for some inspiration. Platforms such as BlogTalkRadio and Stream Guys make it easy to set up your own online radio show.

The Globalist

This long-running news podcast is free and always trending, with more than 1600 episodes in counting. Experts from all over the world offer valuable insight into breaking news stories from all over the globe. Episodes are recorded every week to bring listeners closer to the stories that matter.

Today Explained

This podcast provides great value to listeners from all walks of life. Each episode discusses a specific topic that relates to news highlights or events. It divides large news topics and divides it into bite-size pieces for the average person. What’s more, the show broadcasts quality interviews, and opinions relayed are based on well-researched information.


Setup your own online radio show in a few minutes with BlogTalkRadio. The free package is great for people starting out in the profession. Professional packages are available for more advanced presenters. Listeners can call into the show, and all recordings can be archived for future listening purposes.

Stream Guys

Stream Guys is Internet software for audio and video streaming capabilities. This software provider is suitable for more advanced presenters who need special software to keep up with the demand of their subscriber base. They offer cost-effective solutions to getting your broadcasting service off the ground.

Radio Streaming Services

Broadcasters are continuously optimising their content to make it suitable for mobile streaming. Radio Streaming Services allow users to stream from their computer straight to the Internet around the clock. It features analytics software to help your business grow. Plus, tools are available to help you with advertising in your online radio campaigns. Learn more about Simply info by accessing live streaming services online.